Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I invite all members of the hypnosis family, now spread over the five continents, to come together for our 21st World Congress of the International Hypnosis Society.

After sharing unforgettable moments in Paris in August 2015, it is now the honour of the Société Québécoise d’Hypnose to host the next World Congress in Montreal, Canada in August 2018. A unique city, defined by its multicultural citizens and languages spoken, reflects perfectly the life of ISH.

The congress is the strongest and most important moment in the life of medical and clinical hypnosis within our International Society. Bringing together practitioners in hypnosis and all health professionals from more than 50 countries will allow a blending of cultures, techniques and specificities of each of us.

It allows you to verify whether your practice is close to that of a colleague working on the other side of the globe, or to discover completely different ways that you will bring home. If you have the soul of a lecturer, the congress is a unique opportunity to convey your knowledge and your experiences to the particpants here and elsewhere. Whether you live on the corner of your street or on the other side of the world, we will join together for this celebration, crossing the boundaries of languages, cultures and beliefs. We will learn from each other.

This World Congress will be filled with great moments of encounters and exchanges. And of course, a world congress is also a time for fun, surprises, laughter and emotions … a universal time to celebrate.

The hosting team, under the leadership of Michel Landry, works every day to offer you the best scientific and interactive congress in order to create effective synergies to evolve, change and support the healing processes of our patients.

You know that the success of a congress, and especially a world congress, depends on the commitment of the organizers AND the commitment of the participants. The financial dimensions are complex and by registering quickly, each one helps to put in place the investments that will create the success of these exceptional days. The coming months will be an opportunity for you to follow the progress of the organization on the website, and above all to submit your proposals for papers and workshops. You are the ones who will bring this congress alive and vibrate the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Québec looks forward to offering you its charm and the beauty of its incredible landscapes, lulled by the enthusiasm and warmth of a welcoming and adventurous nation.

See you soon in Montreal!

Claude Virot, President, International Hypnosis Society

Franck Garden-Brèche, President, Council of Representatives