Amir Raz

McGill University

Dr. Raz is the Canada Research Chair in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention at the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. He is a Professor in the Department(s) of Psychiatry (Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Psychology); Senior Researcher with the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and the Institute for Community and Family Therapy of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal; and Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Brain and Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University.

He is a world leader and top researcher-clinician unlocking the neural correlates of altered consciousness with more than 130 peer-reviewed papers in some of the top science journals, such as Nature, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Lancet, Psychological Science, American Psychologist, Archives of General Psychiatry (JAMA Psychiatry), and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Raz has published five books, including SCEH award winning volume on Hypnosis and Meditation. He is married and the father of four.