Leora Kuttner

University of British Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital

Dr. Kuttner is a Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at University of British Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver and documentary filmmaker.  She pioneered work in pediatric pain-relief, using hypnosis for children, and teaches this throughout Europe, the Middle-East, Australia, Canada and the USA for 35 years. She published over 45 professional articles and wrote “A Child in Pain: How to Help, What to Do” for parents, and “A Child in Pain: What Health Professionals can do to Help”. In 1985 Dr. Kuttner filmed the award-winning “No Fears, No Tears”; it’s sequel “No Fears, No Tears–13 Years Later”;  2003 “Making Every Moment Count” on Pediatric Palliative care with The National Film Board of Canada, and 2013 “Dancing with Pain” on Youth with Chronic Pain.

She won ‘The Woman of Distinction’ in Vancouver; Outstanding Alumni for Professional Achievement from Simon Fraser University and The American Pain Society’s Jeffrey Lawson Award on Advocacy for Children’s Pain Relief. She uses hypnosis all the time, treating children and teens’ pain and anxiety