Pre-Congress Hypnosis Research Symposium

Pre-Congress Hypnosis Research Symposium
August 22, 2018
08:30-17:00 (exact timing tbd)
The International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) is sponsoring a day-long Pre-Congress Hypnosis Research Symposium that will be held on August 22, 2018.  The aim of this symposium is to “build a bridge of understanding” between highly experienced hypnosis researchers and clinicians.  The clinicians will be discussing what they view as the key mechanisms of hypnosis (i.e., why they think it is so effective) and the most important research questions they would like researchers to address, in order to help them be more effective in their clinical work.  The researchers will be presenting their most up-to-date scientific findings, and discuss the clinical implications of these findings for increasing the efficacy of clinical hypnosis.  Together, the research and clinician participants will share their conclusions, with a goal of identifying the most interesting and fruitful areas of future hypnosis research.  The conclusions from the symposium will be shared in a panel discussion during the Congress. 
Although the symposium participants have already been selected, there is the potential for a limited number of Congress delegates to observe the discussions.
If you are interested in observing the symposium, please free to contact the symposium’s co-organizers, Giuseppe De Benedittis  ( or Mark Jensen (